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Welcome to the Synth V Lyrics wiki, an unofficial database filled with Synthesizer V songs! Synthesizer V, also referred to as Synth V is a singing synthesizer created by Dreamtonic. It supports several different languages, such as English, Japanese, and Chinese. We welcome any information regarding Synth V songs, albums, and producers. If you want to create a song article or album article, please consult the Song Article Guideline or the Album Article Guideline. If you want to create a producer page, please consult the Producer Article Guideline.

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Featured Song Articles

Wilting Winter Words

Aryuna ft. Eleanor Forte

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塌陷于38°C的蓝 (Tāxiàn Yú 38°C de Lán)

46 ft. Shian

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Talking to the rain

Da Huntun ft. Haiyi and Xingchen

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木兰行 (Mùlán Xíng)

Mu Ning Mu Meng ft. Cangqiong and Chiyu

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